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Two more kids later, I had a desire to start a small business from home. What started as a general transcription company opened doors for me to get to know more podcasters and eventually make the move to helping female entrepreneurs tell the stories they are so passionate about.

I love coming alongside women in order to help them produce a show that helps them connect with their audience and build their personal brand.

My ultimate goal is to help get their stories heard by their ideal audience, but I want to help them in a way that allows them to spend more of their time serving their clients, their families, and taking care of themselves. The time it takes to go from passionate to burnt out can be quick, and my goal is to prevent that from happening by taking away the stressful, not-so-fun tasks of producing their show.


A little more about me

I listened to my first podcast in 2017…

After listening to that first episode, I was hooked! I had been a mom for almost two years, and it was a lonely place to be at times. I couldn’t go out at sit at coffee shops to chat and catch up with friends, or spend a few hours sitting and reading or writing. I missed the opportunities to connect with people and their stories.

Listening to that podcast made me feel like I had a way to connect. Granted, I know that you can’t talk back, but it’s way more personal than reading a blog post or silently stalking Instagram and Facebook.

Plus, when people share their story on a podcast, you get a greater understanding of who they are, their emotions, and the person behind the story.

Over the next two years, I found more shows and “connected” with so many more stories.

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my values



I’m a believer in Jesus Christ and my faith is absolutely my highest priority and number one value. I pray that when I am working with clients, sharing blogs, or hanging out on social media, that Christ is seen in me, that I am an ambassador for His kingdom, and that I am able to share the hope of the gospel with everyone I come in contact with.



Right after my faith, comes my husband and then my kids. My husband and I have been married for six years and we have three kids. Family isn’t an easy journey all the time, but it’s incredibly rewarding. I am thankful for them, thankful for getting to be his wife and their mom, and am so excited for all the years to come.


Hard Work

I will never have all the answers, and I will never do things perfectly 100% of the time, but I am absolutely certain that I will be giving my all to my clients. To do this, I limit the amount of projects and clients I take on because I want to give superior service and dedication to the women I am working with that have trusted me with their show.

the fun stuff


coffee, coffee, coffee

Did you catch the Gilmore Girl’s reference? It’s no secret that I love coffee. I clearly remember having my first cup of coffee on a cruise with my grandparents when I was eleven. While I didn’t start drinking it regularly until I was in college, I count that as an important day in history!

For me coffee is way more than a caffeine fix or boost of mama energy to survive the day. Coffee symbolizes community and relationship. A simple joy for me is grabbing coffee with a friend, old or new, and sitting down to chat, with no real goal in mind except to get to know their story more and understand who they are and learn more about where they come from. A lot of pivotal life moments and convicting conversations have happened for me over a cup of coffee with a friend.

On a lighter note, I like coffee a lot of ways, but for a few years, I’ve just been on a black coffee kick. But I’ve been known to have a white chocolate mocha, cappuccino, or flat white as well. One of my silly life goals is to learn how to make pretty latte art at home!


ready for adventure

It’s a toss up on whether I love coffee or travel more, but let’s just say I like to find fun coffee shops whenever we travel somewhere new.

In the same way my coffee shop sitting has decreased since becoming a mom, it’s a little harder to just spontaneously have an adventure when you’ve got three littles at home, but I LOVE to travel and I’m definitely the person who is already planning the next trip, while we are coming home one that just ended.

I’ve been a lot of places, but I still have a long bucket list I want to see.

Some of my favorite places I have been to are Okinawa, Japan, Ireland, Acadia National Park in Maine, Boston, and Alaska.

Places I really want to go soon are Glacier National Park in Montana, Canada, Northern California, Zion National Park, Germany and Switzerland.


If you love podcasts, travel, and coffee, come hang out with me on Instagram!