Landing Your Ideal Podcast Guests - Tips for Where to Find Them and How To Get Them on Your Show

Whatever your podcast “niche” is, I can guarantee that you’ve probably got a few “big ticket” guests that you would love to land on your show. Typically, these are people that seem to be making the rounds on all of the podcasts in a certain category. Big names in their industries.

While there is merit to having these guests, there are also some drawbacks to placing all your guest work into scheduling them. Between their already busy schedules, no doubt large number of podcast guest requests, and possibly a cost associated with interviewing them, you may want to spend your time looking for some other experts in your industry that can offer excellent insight, have more room in their schedules and are looking for opportunities like these to market themselves.

Since it may not be as obvious where to find these experts, I want to share some tips on how to find the perfect guests for your podcast as well as some insight into what you need to do in order to score an interview.

Landing Your Ideal Podcast Guests

Where to Find Podcast Guests

In order to find them, you’ve got to think about where they hang out. Depending on your industry and the niche topic of your podcast, you may be able to utilize all of these resources, or you may find yourself focusing on two or three of them.

  1. Facebook Groups - I think we can all agree that we join Facebook groups in order to have another way to make ourselves “visible” for opportunities. Well, guess what? Your ideal guest is probably in those groups, too, waiting for someone to seek out their services. Engage in those groups to find people that are offering insights and encouragement on topics that fit the message of your podcast.

  2. Pinterest - I know that Pinterest is not a social media channel. It’s a search engine. Keep in mind, however, that the people that are sharing on Pinterest, are typically sharing a topic they are passionate about and that they are trying to educate people on. So, if your podcast is geared towards female, creative entrepreneurs, think about what topics they are searching for on Pinterest, things like, visibility, marketing, etc. and see if you find any bloggers covering these topics that you’d like to connect with.

  3. Hashtags - Are you following any hashtags on Instagram? If you haven’t taken advantage of this, I would encourage you to pick a few hashtags related to your podcast topic and follow them. This is an excellent way to continually find people to connect with and discover new people that are creating content that would benefit your audience.

  4. Local Groups - It’s so easy to forget about our own local business community when we spend so much time connecting with people online. However, I guarantee you that you can find access to some local groups where you’ll connect with potential guests. If you host a Christian podcast, look into locating the IF:Local community where you are, or a Propel Women chapter.

  5. Co-Working Spaces - Again, it’s easy to isolate ourselves in the online community, despite being “connected”. Try looking into spending some time at a co-working space and build relationships with the other business owners there. Places like these are where we learn other people’s stories, and what better way to help them share their story than by inviting them to share it on your podcast?

  6. Your Website - This is the least “active” of all of the options, but it gives an opportunity for people who find your podcast because they are looking for interview opportunities to fill out a form to apply to be a guest. Let me remind you, you don’t have to interview everyone that applies. Make sure their message is going to be valuable to your audience and that what they are able to speak on is unique and informative.

How to Land the Interview

Now that you’ve got a list of people you want to interview, you have to actually ask them if you can interview them for your podcast. The key here is to be personable, prepared, and practical.

  1. Be Personable - While it may be easy to just throw together an email template that you send to all of your potential guests, this won’t get very far with anyone who values their own time. When people are going to do an interview with you, they are setting aside time that could be used for other marketing opportunities. Make sure they know you are sincere, that you’ve taken time to understand who they are, and what they do.

  2. Be Prepared - When people ask you if they can appear on your show, they should come armed with some ideas of topics they could speak to. On the other hand, when you are inviting someone to be on your show, you need to have ideas of what you would like them to speak on, questions you might ask them, and the overall message you’d like your audience to receive from them. This will especially help someone who might be reluctant to accept because they have never done an interview before.

  3. Be Practical - What’s in it for them? Whether this is their first podcast interview or their fiftieth, you need to show them why YOUR podcast is a good one for them to appear on. If they teach about business and marketing, but all of your listeners are homemakers and stay at home moms, that’s probably not a good use of their time or yours. Show them how your goals align, and how they can increase their visibility through your show.