How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Podcast: Guest Post by Jacquelene Hayes - Pinterest Strategist & Podcaster

Pinterest - an app, a platform, a search engine your business NEEDS. It is a platform many businesses have no idea what to do with.  However, Pinterest is really coming to surface recently and if you’re not jumping onto the platform, I can tell you, you are missing a lot of exposure for your business, your podcast, your side hustle, etc.

Pinterest can help you gain exposure, listeners, and downloads for your podcast, and if you do it right, will even lead to more leads and new clients for your business. Let’s jump into how Pinterest can help you grow your podcast audience with these 4 steps you can implement today!

How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Podcast

Create a business account with Pinterest

If you have never even considered Pinterest, now is the time to take a few minutes and go set up your business account. Pinterest will walk you through exactly what to do and how to set it up.  As you set up your profile, make sure you are choosing keywords that relate to your podcast!

For example: my podcast is called Live Abundantly, so I use the following keywords throughout my Pinterest account: encourage, abundance, podcast, parenting, marriage, business, etc., because these are all topics that frequently come up on my podcast.

Create boards specific to your podcast and business

Create a board for all of the topics you discuss on your show. Depending on your show, you may have to dig deep and get creative, but really focus on the niche of your show and the problems and solutions each of your episodes covers.  

Let’s brainstorm. Say you are a photographer, and you use your podcast to discuss different topics related to photography, some board ideas may be: Family Poses, Family Outfit Inspiration, Sibling Poses, Newborn Photography, Engagement Sessions, Engagement Outfit Inspiration, Bridal Party Ideas, Bride and Groom Poses, Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Reception, etc.  I bet you are getting the picture and hopefully gaining some ideas!

Use descriptions on your boards

You not only need to create your boards, but you also need them to have descriptions and you need them to have a category.  Fill your description with the keywords you used for your bio when you set up your account. If you’ve set it up right, your keywords should be sprinkled throughout your profile, your board titles, and now in the board descriptions.

Example:  For your “Family Outfit Inspiration” board, your description would be something like this: How to come up with family photo outfit ideas.  Whether you want your outfits to match, or you want outfits to color coordinate, you can find ideas and inspirations for your family photo shoot in this Family Outfit Inspiration board.

Pin your podcast episodes

Before you go and just start pinning all your past episodes, let me give you a strategy to make sure you get the most out of your pins.

  1. We are going to start by giving each pin a description that talks about the episode, and then Pin that episode to the board related to it’s topic.

    • Example: If you have an episode that talks about “How to Use Pinterest for Podasting” then you will give your pin a description about the episode and pin it to your board “Pinterest for Podcasting”.

  2. Some of you may have a board dedicated strictly to your podcast episodes. Don’t just pin each episode to that board and call it a day. In fact, don’t even pin your episode to that board on the same day. Wait a couple days. You want the first pin to go to the topic specific board first!

  3. To increase the number of ways to pin each episode, pin quote graphics, your podcast artwork photo, episode specific graphics, and any other images that may relate to that show and episode. Additionally, be sure you are pointing people to a place where they can listen to the show, see the show notes, and also discover ways they can sign up for your newsletter, discover your services, and learn about how they can work with you.

  4. Don’t pin all of these pins on the same day - pin them at least 24 hours apart!

Okay, do you feel more confident? Are you ready to watch your Pinterest and podcast grow? I cannot wait for you to see all the ways Pinterest can help you with your podcast and your business! Don’t forget to stay consistent, pin other people’s content that is relatable to your podcast, and pin 10-20 pins per day! You have got this!

If you want to get more actionable tips on growing your Pinterest be sure to grab the FREE Pinterest Beginner’s Guide.

Jacquelene Hayes Pinterest Manager / Grow Your Podcast with Pinterest

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Jacquelene is a Pinterest strategist, encourager, and podcaster. She is a wife and mom with big dreams to give her family the best and serve those she meets. She is a business girl at heart, obsessed with planning all the things and leans on coffee and running as her sanity.

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