Feature Friday: Kindled Podcast with Haley Williams

Hey ya’ll! It’s feature friday! I am so excited to feature Kindled Podcast hosted by Haley Williams. I love Haley’s show because it speaks directly to so many things we face as female entrepreneurs as Haley discusses work, motherhood, and the grace we need for both. Keep on scrolling to read more about how the Kindled Podcast started and learn more about Haley!

Kindled Podcast with Haley Williams

About the Kindled Podcast

Kindled was born out of a desire to engage women in a conversation about one of the most  important and yet overlooked intersections of our lives – that of our motherhood and our work.  With the perspective that every mom is a “working mom,” Haley asks questions to uncover the stories behind women’s lives and seeks to draw attention to the signposts that point each of us to Hope Himself.

Haley and her guests talk about things like working from home with kids and the challenges that poses, working full time outside the home, building a home/family, and the difficulty of doing work for which you are not paid... How the Lord uses both our successes and our failures as mothers and workers to remind us that He already did the work that matters most to us. He is at work in and through us and we need only to trust in His goodness and He will water the seeds we sow.

Episodes I’ve Loved

About Haley

Haley lives in Kansas City with her husband Joey and their two daughters Isla and Juliette. She owns H. Williams Creative, a boutique web design firm, and is a business coach to female entrepreneurs at Haley Williams Co. She is passionate about sharing her journey of work and motherhood and loves to engage in meaningful conversations with other women on the topics that make up her every day.

About Haley Williams Co.

In addition to hosting the Kindled Podcast, Haley works from home as a business coach for female entrepreneurs. Haley is passionate about helping women get clarity in their business, providing them with step-by-step action plans to create the perfect offer, attain new clients, and scale their business. Her business experience spans almost a decade and she’s grown multiple business, and even sold her very first business at the age of 30. Haley’s experience drives her to help other women find success as entrepreneurs.

Book a Complimentary Strategy Call

If you’re a female entrepreneur who has been looking for clarity, needs to create an offer that allows you to make more money and spend more time doing what you love, Haley is offering our readers a complimentary 20 minute consultation to talk about strategy to take the next step forward in your business. In this call she’ll make sure you have a clear picture of what are the next few steps you need to take in your business, and and that you have the confidence to walk away and do them OR have her help as a partner to help you take action.

Launch What You Love

Launch What You Love is Haley’s 8-week program for women that teaches them how to launch and grow a high profit business doing what they love! Whether you’re an entrepreneur just getting started, a stay at home mom looking to turn your passions into profit, or a working woman ready to make a career shift Haley is going to teach you every thing from selecting the right business model, to attracting the right clients, to setting up systems that help you make more and work less.

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