How to be an Outstanding Podcast Guest: 8 Tips to Ensure You’re Always on the Guest List

How to Be An Outstanding Podcast Guest

Right now, a huge marketing tool for you as an entrepreneur, and as a podcast host, is by getting a guest spot on other podcasts. Whether you are on there to promote your own show, a new course or membership, or a service, appearing on a podcast is a great way to expand your audience reach.

With that in mind, I highly recommend knowing what it takes to be a good guest! Podcast hosts spend a lot of time brainstorming, researching, and scheduling their guests and they do it with intention. This means that if you’ve landed a guest spot, they think it’s worth their time to allow their audience to hear what you have to say. The least that you can do, is prepare yourself well and bring your A-game!

Today, I’m sharing 8 Tips to Ensure You’re Always on the Guest List and at the end, I’ve got a free printable that you can print for yourself as you prepare to be interviewed OR if you’re the host, you can print it and include this as an attachment to send to your guests prior to their interviews.

  1. Have a solid internet connection - This.Is.A.Must! Please, please, please be somewhere that you can be confident in your internet connection. You really don’t want to have to worry about dropped calls in the middle of a great podcast recording.

  2. Prepare your recording area - Do your best to be somewhere quiet, and private where you will not be interrupted by kids, pets, baristas, etc. If you are using a laptop and there are hard surfaces, trying padding it down with towels and pillows. The more cushion you provide, the better the sound quality will be.

  3. Research the show - If you’ve never listened to any of the episodes for the show you will be a guest on, take some time to listen to a few. Get a feel for the flow of the show, see if there are any questions that the host asks ALL of her guests, and get an idea of the purpose and goal of the podcast.

  4. Find the connection between your expertise and the show - You and the show host both have a purpose. In order for your conversation to hit home with both of your target audiences, you need to find out how your expertise and the purpose of their show connect. If you can figure this out, you will be able to tailor your conversation about your topic to reach the most people.

  5. It’s a conversation, not an interview - Try to forget the term “interview” and think of this as a chat with a friend over coffee. It will help you relax and will give the audience the feeling that they are a part of a conversation, rather than people listening to an interrogation.

  6. Be aware of the time - You can probably tell from your hosts past shows about how long they like their episodes to be. Keep this in mind when you are giving answers in order to help keep them from having to cut out material or upload a much longer/shorter show than normal.

  7. Offer to promote - It’s likely that the host spent a lot of time researching who the best people to host on her show were. That means, that she really thinks highly of you and the value you can bring to her audience. Show her a little love and appreciation by promoting your episode on your own social media channels as well.

  8. Say thank you - Your appearance on another show is typically an excellent FREE marketing opportunity. Be sure to show your gratitude through a note of thanks to the host.

Keep these tips in mind as you prepare for your appearances on shows in the coming year. Remember that it’s not just up to the host to make a good show, your part is crucial as well.

Which of these things has been the biggest struggle for you? If you’re a host, are there other things you always make sure you tell your guests when preparing for their interviews?

I’ve created a free printable with these tips for you to keep nearby when preparing for your interviews, OR if you’re a host, save it and send it to your guests prior to their interviews with you!

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Prepare your upcoming podcast guests with these tips in order to ensure optimal call and interview quality for your podcast interviews!

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