4 Ways Your Podcast Manager Can Help You

Raise your hand if one of your goals this year is to start a podcast?

Maybe you’re planning to launch this month and you’ve already got the wheels in motion, or maybe it’s something you’re planning to do later on. Either way, you probably already know that producing a successful podcast can be a lot of work!

Whether it’s your only gig, or it’s just a part of a larger brand you’re running, there are a lot of pieces to your podcast that can be outsourced to a podcast manager.

Today I’m sharing four ways your podcast manager can help you, so that you stay passionate about your podcast this year!

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If you run a show that does a lot of guest interviews then your podcast manager can save you a lot of time researching potential guests, inviting them to be on the show, scheduling their interviews, prepping them, and following up after the interview.

No matter what kind of show you are doing, if you plan to work with sponsors your manager can act on your behalf pitching your show to sponsors.

Good communication and maintaining good relationships is key when working with guests and sponsors, so having someone to make sure you don’t drop the ball is a lifesaver.


If you haven’t started your show yet, you may wonder how much writing could actually be involved in producing a podcast. If you have already started, then you’ve might have been shocked by how much there can be! Your podcast manager can help with writing titles, descriptions, show notes, blog posts, ad scripts, and transcription of your episodes. While none of this work is very hard, it is time consuming and often rather mundane. However, you don’t want to skip any of it, because the written words that you publish with your episode are the KEY to boosting your SEO!


When I ask podcasters what the most difficult part of producing their show is, almost all of them tell me it’s promoting their show. They feel like they spend hours reaching out to different platforms, and aren’t sure if it’s even working. Your podcast manager can help give you a strategy for your marketing, as well as create still graphics, audiograms, and other materials to be used on the marketing platforms that are most beneficial in reaching your audience.


It’s often the tiny, day to day details that can trip us up or cause us to become burnt out. Things like setting up your hosting, uploading your episodes every week, posting the corresponding blog post, and uploading show notes and transcripts have to be done, otherwise, there really is no show! Your podcast manager can easily do this behind the scenes work for you.

If you find yourself overwhelmed, check in with your podcast manager and see if there are any more of these things they can take off of your plate.

If you don’t have a podcast manager, and are quickly losing your drive to keep producing your show, I would love to chat with you! Sometimes all it takes is outsourcing to help re-ignite your passion for what you do!

Reach out to me and tell me which one of these things you would love get help with!