Feature Friday: The Lora Shipman Show

I’m so excited to bring you a new series to the blog! Feature Friday is going to be a post every Friday where I will be highlighting a specific podcast. I’ll be sharing a little about the show and the host, as well as diving into a few things like why they started their show and how they use it to elevate their brand or business.

We are kicking things off today, with a feature on the Lora Shipman Show, hosted by Lora Shipman

The Lora Shipman Show, Social Media Coach, Social Media Management

About the Lora Shipman Show

When Lora Shipman was growing her business, she often found herself frustrated with the lack of information on social media strategy, sales trainings, SEO, etc. She was searching for online business tips and wasn’t having any luck. So she decided she wanted to be a resource where people could get valuable, usable, and actionable information they could implement in their business immediately.

The podcast features guests who offer tips and mini-trainings on topics like: social media, goal setting, marketing strategies, business tips, branding, sales trainings, SEO (search engine optimization) tips, blogging best practices, etc. She wants her listeners to be able to find any information they would need as they are starting and growing their business.

Recent Episodes

About Lora

In addition to her podcast, Lora runs a company helping businesses develop a brand, create a digital marketing strategy, and manage their social media accounts through training, coaching, workshops and other online resources.

Her specialties include:

  • Social Media Coaching

  • Social Media Management Services

About Instagram Made Easy

If you struggle at all with Instagram, the changing algorithms, and always wonder what tools and practices are best, check out Lora’s new course, Instagram Made Easy. If you’re an Instagram beginner and you are looking for a way to start strong and maintain your account, then Lora’s course is perfect for you. Worried about what happens when it all changes again? Not a problem! Lora updates the course and you have access to all of the updates!

Visit Lora’s site to sign up for Instagram Made Easy!

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