Here’s How I Can Help…

The thing about managing a podcast, is everyone has different things that cause them to feel overwhelmed. One person may agonize over the time it takes to write their show notes and publish their episode each week. Another may dread the idea of creating promotional graphics for every new show that comes out.

Because of that, I offer my services so that you can choose what you need the most help. I want you to tell me what task makes you hesitate each week when you think about producing more content. Which tasks make you think twice about continuing on with your show? Or simply, what tasks are stealing too much time away from serving your clients, your family and yourself?



  • Audio Editing

  • Upload to Host, Website and/or Dropbox



  • Audio Editing

  • Upload to Host, Website, and/or Dropbox

  • Basic Show Notes



  • Audio Editing

  • Upload to Host, Website, and/or Dropbox

  • Basic Show Notes

  • Edited Transcript



Audio Editing

  • I listen to every minute of audio, editing out any stutters, false starts, awkward pauses and silences and anything that disrupts the flow of the audio.

  • Audio enhancement including balancing, equalizing, noise reduction, etc.

  • Includes adding in your intro, outro, and/or any ad recordings.

  • Final conversion to high-quality MP3

Show Notes

  • Includes 100-300 word intro paragraph

  • Bullet-point list of main episode talking points

  • Links to any resources, products, social media mentioned during the episode


  • Non-verbatim transcript (does not include stutters, false starts, “uhm”, etc.

  • Single speaker or two-person interview with speaker identification

  • I will provide you with a Word Document, Google Doc, or PDF at your request


A La Carte Services

Below are the services we offer outside of our monthly packages.




Intro & Outro


RSS Set Up